How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes
Marketed Worldwide in Days


How would you like to have your own fully published book, with you as its author, printed and being sold in hours or days—absolutely free?  

A book printed and marketed by an experienced publisher, looking like any other bookstore book, appearing exactly as you wrote, designed, and titled it? 

But why stop with one? There are seven ancillary publishers eager to put your words, images, and artwork in print, as either a regular bound book or an almost immediately accessible e-book—or both

Where will others buy your book? On the web, at bookstores, even from you. Most of the publishers market through the top distributors in the world, so while you sleep your book is being sold nationwide and beyond. Whether you have them create one book or 10, that still costs you absolutely nothing out of pocket. 

What kinds of books do they want to publish?   

  • novels 
  • books for kids 
  • cookbooks 
  • memoirs or family history 
  • all kinds of non-fiction books 
  • poetry 
  • photo collections
  • business books
  • wedding or graduation books 
  • almost any other kind of book  


If this interests you, what you need is a straightforward guidebook that will explain all of the steps needed to see your words in print quickly and sold widely... 

How to Get Your Book
Published Free in Minutes
Marketed Worldwide in Days


I’m Gordon Burgett, and I just wrote this no-nonsense, how-to 162-page book that can change you from a publishing outsider to an author in print overnight!

You wonder why I’m excited about sharing this new publishing miracle with you? I’ve given 2000+ seminars and speeches, mostly about publishing, and I’ve met thousands of potential book publishers who never got to first base because they didn’t know what to do in what order, how to create a first-rate book, or how to get that book widely sold. There were too many hoops, it cost too much, and they had too little wind (or confidence) in their sails. 

Then came along seven top-flight publishers with a new business model and the latest printing and marketing technology—who need your words so they can make you (and them) very profitable!

 Here’s the book’s table of contents: 

You, a published author?, 7            

Ancillary publishing, 11  

Writing the magic files, 21  

Publishing by ancillary publishers, 63

Marketing your book the ancillary way, 127 

How can established publishers best use
ancillary publishing?, 145 

It’s almost a miracle!, 155 








This book shows you how to write your book, save it in key ready-to-use files that the publishers want, submit your book to any or all of the publishers, and help them market and promote your book, if you wish. 

Anybody who can write a letter on a computer can do it! Just read my book, follow the 1-2-3 steps, proof your on-screen book and cover (that you can create at no cost on the publishers’ software), then put the rest in the hands of reliable publishers and distributors!   

How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes
and Marketed Worldwide in Days


  • how to create a book you will be proud to publish
  • how to save your book ready to submit
  • the pluses and minuses of each publisher
  • how to submit your text and cover files to each house
  • how to sidestep (or avoid) quirks in each process
  • tips for enhancing your book’s appearance and marketability
  • how to use that publisher’s marketing tools
  • how much you can expect to earn from each firm 

Forget about having to learn the wiles of publishing and incur sizable and risky expenses putting your words, ideas, photos, and artwork in print. Let them do what they do best—create a professional-looking book. Let them handle the order-taking, shipping, storing, even the marketing!    

Anybody can have a book in print in minutes
And you can buy it worldwide in days. 

I’ll show you how this is done, particularly if you’re a techno nerd like me. Just think of my book as being from a kindly old uncle walking you through the writing, submission, and marketing maze, then leaving you to bask in the deserved glory when your book emerges for the world to see! 

I’ve been a conventional publisher since 1982. I’ve lived through linotypes, electronic teletypesetting, proportional type on a computer, cut-and-paste, photos with captions carefully taped to the back, three-week waits for rotary press runs, book shipments left in trucks until strikes were settled, and printed books with the insides upside down! 

If the process I describe in the book had been around during the past 30 years I’d have 139 books in print, not 39. So why not start doubling or tripling your book production right now?

Don’t do as I did. Buy my book, submit your copy and cover—don’t fret, I’ll explain how—and get you and your ideas immediately to the world, including your family, friends, foes, and your kids’ kids, and their kids as your words live in print forever.

Here’s the process:

  •  You write the book (or get somebody else to write it). 
  • You design the cover at the website (for your bound book), free, or you pay another to design it for you. 
  • And you upload both the interior contents and the cover. 
  • You proof the final book so there are no surprises! 
  • The e-book version gets printed in minutes.
  • The bound version needs you to proof it once more before it is printed, so that takes days to reach the market.

It’s really as close to a publishing miracle as I’ve ever seen, if you’re a writer who wants to let publishers and printers do the rest of it right—without a penny out of your pocket.   

I can also save you thousands of dollars!  

Until about five years ago, when we created a new book at my company we printed a minimum of 1,500 copies by rotary press. They’d usually cost about $3 each (and took a couple of weeks to be printed). We had to ship them to our warehouse (a week, from Michigan to California; that cost maybe $400). We also paid a cover designer from $200-450. We figured it would cost us at least $5,000 every time we went to press.  

Fortunately, now we can do the same for general books (like yours) for a lot less. We usually have about 250 starter copies printed P.O.D. (print-on-demand), for about $4 each. Those are shipped back for about $100—and we still pay about $250 for the cover. (When/if the book catches fire, we go back and order 1,000+ books—sometimes, 5,000. And we often pay the $5,000+. But by then we have the marketing process up, we know there’s demand to buy future books, and many of them go straight from the printer to the distributor.)  

Mind you, neither my firm nor I are going to publish your book—it will be published by any or all of seven publishers.  

But you don’t want to go through all that publishing stuff. Wouldn’t you rather write the book and have professionals publish it? All the more if it doesn’t cost you a cent!

Why pay to get your book in print?

You’re not going to pay $5,000 or $1,500 or any hundred. And you’re not going to ship books or store them or do any of the labor- and cost-intensive things that full-time publishers must do. 

You’re going to let expert firms put your copy and cover together, and through the marvels of today’s technology every time anybody wants a copy of your book they will either print and bind the bound edition or they will link the buyer to a digital copy of your e-book, for instant viewing. 

Do all seven of the publishers I describe do the same thing? Sort of, but the differences are significant. 

They all produce books, and most of them sell your book through major distributors like, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and many more of the best. 

Four of them produce bound books, and two of those also create and sell your e-book as well. The other three sell digitally: e-book only. One converts your e-book into the nine digital reader languages.  

Let my book be your guide. 

For only $15 (or $10 immediately downloadable in electronic format) I’ll help you figure out the best order in which to use these publishers, how you can save scores of hours making that happen, and how you can save the entire $5,000 or $1,500 that a standard publisher plops down just to get their books in salable form. 

If I had seen a book that does what I promise mine does, it would have taken me about five seconds to hit the ORDER button to buy How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days!   



If you’ve read this far, you’re serious about getting in print, at least once, maybe 100 times—and soon! 

So you’re probably serious about how you can get thousands of others to read your words too. Which is where you, the publishing house(s), and outside sources contribute to make your book, your name, and your information bloom, to get your book on websites, bookstore shelves, Facebook and Linkedin, and hundreds of other locales where book readers (even better, book buyers) gather. 

In How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days I first explain in detail what makes books sell farthest and fastest, like the title, cover, and description. Then how you plant the fastest growing seeds for sales promotion (all free). And how you can build from the many links and means that these publishers already have at your disposal at the websites. 

Can’t you just pay somebody else to make you even more famous once your words are in print? 

Sure, you can pay publicists and p.r. firms, and maybe you can bribe TV or radio show hosts... but why would you when the most productive ways to sell your book are already at hand?  

The cost of publishing is zero!  

How much does it cost to publish a book by the process I explain? NOTHING.

And how much does it cost to publish the same book in 10 different versions by seven different publishers/marketers? The same, NOTHING

How can a new publisher—or anybody—beat that? 

Just a year ago who had ever heard of a solid, reputable publisher (much less seven) asking you to send them your books so they could print them free, then market them worldwide?  

It’s just as good a deal for established printers (like me). It opens an ancillary ways to sell to markets that I wouldn’t even know existed, it immediately expands my website and search engine presence, and it fattens my coffers with royalty payments every month.  

I didn’t believe it...  

Frankly, when I first read about this new way of publishing it seemed way too good to be true. 

What concerned me most was how professional the bound books would look.  

But they look great!  

And there are no hidden costs at all.  

There are no excuses left! In this book I walk you through the writing, submission, and marketing steps: the portal and the purpose of getting in print quickly and well.   

100% guaranteed  

My book is 100% guaranteed. If it doesn’t do what it says, just mail it back and we’ll send you a refund. (All of our products always have the same guarantee. Return rate? Way under 1%.)      

What’s the catch?  

I know, it almost sounds like a con. Like you, every now and then I nibble at the edges of something that turns out to be a fairly clever scheme. Thank God I’m a true skeptic! 

But there’s simply no catch here. It’s a win-win-win.  

You get a professional-looking book in print quickly. 

The publisher sells your book to you, your family, your friends, the world—whoever wants to buy it. Most of them also sell it to other book handlers and dealers. 

You get paid monthly for each sale. You set the book price. The bound book publishers pay you about 22-52% of that price for each book they sell. The e-books earn you 30-85%.  

“That’s the catch!” you say. “They keep most of the money!” 

Sure, they produced and sold the book! (I know, you wrote it, and without...)

Compare. What are your chances of getting a major publisher to both look at your manuscript and accept it? If they did, it usually takes 18 months between approval and the bookstore. And when the book is eventually marketed, the most you will ever receive from them is 15%, paid two or three times a year. Most writers going that route earn 5-10% a book.   

Here, you write the book, submit the ready-to-go text and cover files, they publish it, and you cash the checks after they have found the buyers, processed the book sales, and gathered your earnings, mostly from sales to markets you have no idea how to approach.  

Can we take a peek at the contents? 

Sure. In this book you will see... 

  • nine steps, explained in detail, that are easily within any computer user’s capacity (p. 11) 
  • the seven publishing companies who have taken the best of digital publishing, blended it with solid marketing, and put an inspired business plan in action (p. 14) 
  • 22 writing steps that lead from a shaky idea to five magic files (really two) that lead to your book being publishable anywhere (p.21) 
  • another 22 style guides and reminders critical to professional-looking books (p. 32) 
  • where you quickly find reliable information for your book’s contents (p. 43)   
  • two best ways to get a cover for this book
    (p. 57) 
  • how to convert your book from a standard layout to a professional e-book format, like deleting page, table of contents, and index numbers (p. 63) 
  • the list, location, pay, and marketing means of the seven publishers (p. 71) 
  • how to submit your files through each publisher’s webpage, step-by-step
    (all of Chapter 3) 
  • the seven things that will help your book sell best (p. 146) 
  • 24 top promoting tools for his kind of publishing (p. 148) 
  • two basic kinds of publishing—one works great here, the other probably won’t work at all: 95% will use the first! (p. 165) 
  • why this is as close to a publishing miracle available today (p. 174)  

There’s another nagging question I’d also ask...  

Is Gordon Burgett lurking somewhere behind the process to sell you extra services or strip away part of your profits? Hardly! I’m far too busy running my own publishing and speaking business (and bit old) to lurk. 

I’ve spent most of my adult years teaching others how to put their words in print, while I did the same myself in 1,700+ freelance articles and 39 published books. So with this exciting new publishing opportunity, that’s my role again. I’ve told you about the book. Through it I can show you how to publish your book right away, then see it being sold either immediately (electronically) or in days in bound form. My guidance and assistance is on these pages. Then you just do it—with my blessing. 

That’s it! How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days costs you $15 in bound form. The immediately downloadable book is ready to go in seconds: pay $10 total, hit the download button, and it’s yours!



About Gordon Burgett

Gordon Burgett specializes in niche publishing and empire-building from writing, speaking, and product development. That is the theme of his monthly newsletter, "Create Your Own Highly Profitable Empire."

Gordon has also given 2000+ paid spoken presentations nationwide, written 39 published books and 1,700+ freelance magazine and newspaper articles, and is the owner and director of two publishing firms. He is the author of Niche Publishing: Publishing Profitably Every Time.

Four of Burgett’s books have been Writer’s Digest Book Club top choices: Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles, The Travel Writer’s Guide, The Writer’s Guide to Query and Cover Letters, and How to Sell More Than 75% of Your Freelance Writing.

In 2007, three of Gordon's books were revised, updated, and reprinted: How to Plan a Great Second Life, the Travel Writer's Guide, and Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles. His first novel also saw life that year.

Burgett is the Executive Editor of, leading visual travel podcast production firm in world, and for years has appeared as a talk show guest on radio and TV shows across America, mostly about niche publishing and travel writing.

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"I've been reading and profiting from your stuff for decades. Your cover article in the April PMA Independent (about niche publishing) is yet another example of your unmatched ability to present useful, practical ideas in a concise and entertaining fashion."
---Bob Bly, author of The Copyrighter’s Handbook

"I looked you up on the Internet, signed up for your newsletter, read your articles, and said,'This guy is really giving out the goods!' For me it is concrete information that I can run with, so I was glad to be able to get your Niche Publishing book. Your presentation and material are concise, Gordon, and I appreciate that."
---Jan Ellis

"People buy nonfiction books to learn something or to solve a problem. In Niche Publishing, you will discover how to help more readers and sell more books by focusing your message."
---Dan Poynter, author of The Self-Publishing Manual

"Read Niche Publishing if you want to fill a niche with a best selling book."
---John Kremer, author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

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"Savvy advice on a smart way to publish."
---Judith Appelbaum, author of How to Get Happily Published

"Wonderful framework for thinking about how and what to publish. I am an editor who works in professional publishing. Niche Publishing will show you, step by step, how to brainstorm, evaluate, create and execute more successful single titles, series, and lists. This is a terrific and useful book."
---Tim Bigby

"Well done! As a publishing professional involved in publishing Jewish books, Niche Publishing is a virtual tome of useful information. It is hard to believe this is a work of just under 200 pages! Everything is well explained. (Gordon) helps you understand what to look for in your market. Analyze who they are. And ultimately, see how to create and market products geared specifically for them."
---Rabbi Yisroel Bernath, Jewish World Publishing

"Here's the book that shows you how to focus and concentrate all your efforts on (your niche market): how to determine the needs, produce the goods and sell the product (at a profit). What I personally enjoyed the most was the thorough case study at the end (it's over 40 pages long) of the whole process done on one of the books he worked on. Packed with practical information, Niche Publishing is a book for that would-be author who's almost lost hope for his 'baby' to ever come to birth. The 'labor' is hard, but the result is well worth it. If you're in that niche that needs a book like this, get it. It's packed with what you need to know."
---Rod Harrington

"In Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time!  Gordon Burgett presents straight talk to writers about how to target a specialty market for your book and how to sell to that market. This book is valuable for saving promotional money and time. Gordon Burgett also compares and contrasts the information in his book to that of other best-sellers and he gives references for further research. He is an authority on writing and publishing, having written 35 published books. He (also) owns two niche publishing companies."
---Kathy Noltze, author of Flanders: Bits of Belgium

"We now live in the age of desk top publishing and Print-on-Demand presses where anyone with a manuscript and some cash can get published. But getting published profitably is quite another matter. That takes planning, preparation, and perseverance. It also takes a 'how to' manual like successful author-turned-publisher Gordon Burgett's Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time. (This book) should be considered essential reading and a core addition to the Writing/Publishing reference shelf of any author or novice publisher aspiring to be published profitably and with a minimum of risk."
---James A. Cox, Library Bookwatch

"Thanks for the tremendously enjoyable (How to Sell 75% of Your Freelance Writing) four-hour seminar. You are very thorough in your presentation, the information was more than I expected to receive, and very helpful."
---Melinda Hamm attended the SFSU program

"Gordon, thank you for the Travel Writer's Guide.
I can't even begin to tell you how much I learned from your text. So many of the ideas you provide have assisted me well beyond travel writing. I've sold several non-travel articles because of things I learned in your book."
---Gregory A. Kompes

Terrific article in the December (2009) issue of IBPA! As a "book shepherd" I need to stay on the cutting edge, as much as possible. The ebook situation is critical for me to understand and your article is a huge help. Thank you so very much.
--- Ellen Reid of Ellen Reid's Book Shepherding (

Hello Gordon!
I recently contacted you to request a copy of your booklet on how to plan a great second life. Awesome work! And I have also recently acquired your book by the same name.
Thanks, Gordon! ...(Y)our work is awesome and inspiring—a true gift to the world!
---Denver Hudson